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Jon Reyman Pro has been designed with the salon professional in mind. This web-based streaming training platform allows you to train anywhere at anytime. JRP has a full curriculum of courseware that will engage all levels of hair professionals. Programs include Cutting, Styling, Color, Makeup, and Business Building Strategies ranging from foundational to advanced techniques. Powered to stimulate conversations and create a culture of education within your Salon. JRP gives you the ability to implement an education program instantly and start giving you the advantage in the market.

Our curriculums will empower you to be your best, giving you the tools to control any hairstyle and any hair texture.

Our system is designed to train you using the most advanced and efficient curriculum. We will educate you on how to execute a haircut that enables you to control density, weight, shape, and movement. We empower you with the tools to create any style you want. These are the foundations I built my career upon. I want to share them with you and help you build a better craft.

Individual Training

Step-by-step styling and cutting training ranging from the fundamentals to advanced techniques that will give you the tools to grow your business & advance your craft.
  • Razor Cutting
  • Down Styling
  • Hair Types
  • Advanced Styling
  • Men’s Cutting
  • Curly Cutting
  • Business Strategies
  • And Many More…
Individual Courses

Salon Training

Make your salon the very best it can be by giving your stylist full access to our curriculum. As you build a stronger business, you can monitor and track the progress of your stylists as they complete their training.
  • Track and manage each team member
  • Business Strategies
  • Core Cutting
  • Advanced Styling
  • Down Styling
  • Men’s Cutting
  • Curly Cutting
  • and Many More…
Salon Courses


This is where you will find the most current calendar of events designed to accompany your online training experience. Here you will find live & online events created for the Hair Professional to be your very best. Learn, Execute, Excel.

About Jon Reyman

Formerly the Artistic Director of the Aveda Advanced Academy in New York, Jon Reyman has since worked as a master stylist, educator, and business owner, developing curriculum for salons and institutions across the world via Jon Reyman Pro and opening Spoke & Weal in
San Francisco and Los Angeles.

As the lead stylist of up to 30 shows every New York Fashion Week (notably Nicholas K, Nautica, Betsey Johnson) Jon is a seasoned hair director and collaborative partner to some of the most relevant and influential designers in the industry. His work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Vanity Fair, WWD, Cosmopolitan, and Ellé. He has appeared on Project Runway, The Apprentice, and Good Morning America.

Using his technical and creative skills to empower people on an individual level is what drives Jon further into his craft. He is known for custom, progressive cutting and styling techniques. He easily abandons old philosophy finding better results through
innovation–Jon instinctively challenges any rules & systems he finds claustrophobic.

Jon deeply values utility and simplicity in his work, he sees meaning and beauty in what’s natural and useful.

Find Jon in NYC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.



Salon Training: Learn. Execute. Excel.

Step-by-step styling and cutting training ranging from the fundamentals to advanced techniques that will give you and your staff the tools and confidence to grow your business and advance your craft. Designed as a multi-use platform to streamline your education program and create an efficient, well balanced team. This program is great for educating new team hires and inspiring veteran team members. This innovative platform gives you the functionality to train, track, test, and monitor your team.

*Larger packages available upon request.

$6900/ mo.
Salon Training Membership
2-6 Users
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$9900/ mo.
Salon Training Membership
7-25 users
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Individual Training:
Be Your Very Best

Step-by-step styling and cutting training ranging from the fundamentals to advanced techniques that will give you the tools to grow your business & advance your craft. The professional membership is a personalized training program designed for an individual stylist allowing only one user access to the system.

$3900/ mo.
Individual Training Membership
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See what others are saying

Jon Reyman has a unique and easy way of delivering information that allows stylists to apply techniques to their work immediately! Jon focuses on the importance of body positioning and his techniques help stylists work faster and smarter. Jon Reyman Pro education ranges from simple techniques for beginners to highly advanced cutting and
styling workshops. It’s perfect for any stylist.
JACLYN C., Aveda
I have been in the salon industry for 12 years and feel that education is the best way to keep yourself motivated and inspired to do your best work day in and day out. I have to say that the videos provided on Jon Reyman Pro are BY FAR some of the best instructional videos I have come across thus far. The content is clear and very helpful to both new and established hairdressers. In fact, I value the material provided on JRP so much that I signed my salon up for membership so that my stylists could also benefit from John’s training. The videos have inspired me with new techniques to bring to my own clientele and they are also being used to improve my in-salon training program. It has been very easy to integrate the videos right into our training due to the fact that we can view them on any device. I simply sign in to the program on my cell phone, connect my phone to my mini projector, turn on a blue tooth speaker and project the videos right onto a wall in the salon. It’s perfect! Thank you so much JRP for providing a great way for me to bring my team together through education!
HEATHER MOGEL, Salon Owner-Cre Hair Studio, Highland, CA
I’ve been a hair stylist for ten years and have been very committed to continuing my education as a professional. Jon Reyman’s workshops have helped me re-define how I approach cutting and styling hair through minimizing my body movements and achieving the same results. I am now able to maintain a regular schedule behind the chair and pick up where I left off. I truly believe these classes saved my career and encourage anyone in the industry to give it a chance to do the same for them.
DENIZ EROL, Salon Educator-Bryan Roberts Salon, San Francisco, CA
The impact JRP has had on our salon is awesome! In just 14 days of using it we have done two-hour and a half classes. We focused on quicker drying techniques and body positioning. Our stylist applied them the very next day. As the owner and main educator I spent hours of my free time setting up what my next training day would focus on. But the prep time doesn’t exist anymore with using JRP, now I plug my iPad into my projector and class is in session. Everything I felt I couldn’t teach my staff as an educator was executed in JRP. This has made my life easier. It is a very helpful tool and easy to navigate.
JERAD RUSHLOW, Owner & Hairdresser - Daybreak Salon & Spa, Trenton, MI
Since introducing JRP to our staff at Salon Lux, our teams technical expertise has improved immensely. Our staff was able to implement their new skills immediately. The step-by-step training was easy for our staff to understand, regardless if they were new to the industry or advanced stylists. JRP will definitely give your staff the confidence and inspiration to advanced further in their career. As the lead haircutting educator at Salon Lux, the training was simple to implement. There was no preparation time for me. I just had to log in and project it. JRP is an amazing tool for any salon that wants to improve their in-salon education program, and create a cohesive work environment. Your clients, like ours, will definitely have a noticeable salon experience.
KARIE NIELSEN, Educator- Cut/Style - Salon Lux, San Luis Obispo, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I retrieve my password?

If you forget your username or password, don’t worry, we’ll email it to you.
You can retrieve your user information by providing some information at the following link – Click Here.

How many times can I watch the modules and are they downloadable?

You can watch and review the modules as many times as you like while you are a paying member. The modules can be streamed on-demand wherever you have Internet access. This even includes your iPad or Smartphone. The modules are not downloadable due to copy protection and piracy issues.

Will you be adding more content?

Yes. This is a living system and will continue to grow with new content that will provide different areas of training that are applicable to consumers and professionals alike.

What types of reports can I generate?

Are you curious to see if someone has logged in recently? Wonder how many of your stylists have passed the required tests, and how many times it took them to do so? These are a few examples of the type of information you can find with the reports in our system. For a full list, contact your site administrator.

What results can my salon expect to see from your training?

While we cannot guarantee results, studies prove that interactive training increases retention and learning by 60%. What we see with our clients is that they get out of the system what they put into it just like with anything.

How large is the training library?

There are hundreds of individual lessons that are tailored to specific categories in different areas. What’s even more remarkable about our system is that we are always adding new content and lessons.

What happens if I lose a team member?

We understand that turnover is a natural part of doing business. You have complete control over who can access your system, and can revoke or suspend those privileges at any time.

How reliable is the training technology?

While things can happen, we have a 99% reliability record. If you experience a glitch or problem, please contact customer support.

Can I start training today?

Absolutely. Visit the pricing button above or take a tour and start with our free trial offer today.

Can I train more than one person with the same user name?

No. The certification process keeps track of your progress in order to certify a single user.

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Learn, Execute and Excel with Jon Reyman Pro
Get started for as low as $39/mo!
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